Actual Frequently Asked Questions (with Answers). If it’s not here, it hasn’t been asked often enough.

Are you French? German?

I am German.

Will you play X?

I welcome suggestions and will add them to my long, long list, but I can’t promise anything. When it’s time to start a new series I go through my list and pick whatever I feel is most fun and is the best match for the channel.

As I dislike talking up projects that then fall through, I try not to announce any future content. It’ll show up on the channel when it shows up.

Will you play multiplayer games with viewers?

The games I currently cover do not lend themselves to multiplayer sessions. In addition, I do not run the channel full time, which makes “serious” multiplayer sessions harder to organize.

If there are any future multiplayer events, I’ll announce them on Discord.

What does “Have Joystick, Will Travel” mean?

“Have Joystick, Will Travel” was inspired by Robert A. Heinlein’s story “Have Spacesuit, Will Travel”. He, in turn, got the term from the American stage theater business of the early 20th Century. There, the phrase “Have Tux, Will Travel” was commonplace in job ads and indicated that the job seeker was professional (owning a tuxedo) and willing to take any job (even traveling to other locales).

I mainly liked the ring of it.

I used it as my channel name for a long time, but started de-emphasizing it in 2018 as I felt it was too long and too complicated.