My name is Bartmoss and I create Let’s Play videos and live-streams.

I (mainly) cover adventure games, strategy games, and role-playing games, but I play whatever I deem interesting.

I do this for fun in my spare time; when I started I told myself “if even one person watches, that’ll be a nice bonus”. Since then, the channel has grown to over 3500 subscribers and over a million total channel views.

I strive for a chill, friendly, and inclusive channel. Our main rule is “be excellent to each other”; we do not tolerate hatred, abuse, or bullying.

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Always make up your own mind!

I buy most games I play, but I sometimes get game keys for free from publishers, developers, or their PR agencies. Please always assume that my opinions are biased, and make up your own mind on whether or not you want to buy a game! I’m happy to give my opinion, and if you have any questions about a game I’m playing or have played, don’t hesitate to ask. But never buy a game simply because I say it’s fun. It’s always a good idea to get second and third opinions instead of trusting just one source.